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Traditional In-person programming are on hold until further notice due to COVID-19 Pandemic.

Mentoring and empowering at-risk youth is empowering in its self and is at the core of “Phenomenal I Am” program. There are three components we focus on:

  • Identification and Response: Design goals to align with individual needs in hopes to develop personal achievement.

  • Awareness and Education: assist with developing positive consequences in regards to decision making and independent life skills

  • Restore and Recovery: Provide introspection in efforts to achieve a positive self-image and improve overall well-being


The community-based program is designed for a group mentoring model, allowing the opportunity to implement a structured, interactive and evidenced-based curriculum to include workshops, seminars, self-explorations exercises and youth-led discussion groups. PIA focuses on common issues female youth experience such as: self-esteem, building healthy relationships, career exploration, effective communication, self-respect and respect for others, academics, body image, decision making, leadership development, peer mediation, life skills etc. In addition to the program, participants are required to complete community service hours. Programming is geared towards individual needs.


Additionally, participants have the option to engage in one on one mentoring by being matched with an adult female mentor to receive supports in the home, school and the community. 

Still I Rise Summer Program:  Through this 5-week school-based program, PIA offers group mentoring with the purpose of guiding girls through a self-discovery journey that inspires confidence, self-love and passion to be phenomenal while exploring beauty, education, self-esteem, career and health. Recreational activities, fundraising, community service, free breakfast and lunch are included in this program. Applications are available early spring of each year. 



Empowerment Workshops

Monthly community-based specialized workshops aimed at empowering youth. 


Mentor-Mentee Program

By pairing adult female mentors with young girls/adolescent as mentees, we're able to assure that there is always someone the girls can talk to and look up to.  These personal connections can be essential.


Expression Outlets

Through journaling, interactive workshops and individual/group exercises leads creative creations, such as poetry or anthologies.  In these situations, the girls are able to express themselves freely and positively.

Workshops are offered during every scheduled session to focus on a theme topic reflecting interest or needs of the youth we serve. Each workshop includes opportunity for developmental growth while building self-esteem through group/individual exercises and activities, presentations, guest speakers etc. Qualified group facilitators are encouraged to apply.





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PIA encourages our participants to express themselves freely. As a youth-led organization, our girls are always coming up with creative ideas to reflect their talents. We look to our community members and families to support our girls by getting involved. Any female youth or community members interested in arts/theater please contact us for more information.

Mentoring In Action

PIA offers group mentoring through our workshops and/or one-on-one mentoring  inconjunction with our enrichment workshops to assist the girls in achieving their goals/objectives, gaining support in areas of strength and weaknesses while simply having a positve role model to look up to for guidance and overall support. Qualified candidates are encouraged to apply.


PIA is currently seeking committee members. If interested, please contact us via the contact page here.


Youth Committee

Advisory Committee

Fundraising Committee

Program Development

Finance Committee

Community Engagement

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